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Miles Smith Farm Named Cooperator of the Year by the New Hampshire Association of Conservation Districts

“The NH Association of Conservation Districts is pleased to honor Miles Smith Farm this year for their outstanding commitment to conservation and agriculture,”   The Award will be presented at the NHACD Annual Meeting, November 18, 2011.  Earlier this year the MSF was awarded the Cooperator of the Year

The 36 acre Miles Smith Farm (MSF) in Loudon, NH, was first farmed by Miles Smith in the 1850’s, and is now owned and operated by Bruce Dawson and Carole Soule.  The farm features naturally raised free range Scottish Highlander and Angus cattle.  Over the year, MSF has accomplished many conservation goals.  MSF has completed the following conservation practices with help from the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service: grazing management plan, comprehensive nutrient management plan, manure storage areas, fencing, water systems, and rotational grazing.

Miles Smith Farm was also chosen as NHACD Cooperator of the Year because of their “out of the box” thinking and contributions to agricultural awareness.  MSF owners Carole Soule and Bruce Dawson are founding members of the Loudon Agricultural Commission.  MSF has also successfully applied for and received USDA Rural Development funds to create a value added product.  MSF is currently looking to produce and market their own brand of sausage.  MSF is also an innovated in terms of sustainable energy use.  With the assistance of MCCD and Southern NH Resource Conservation & Development Area Council, MSF received a free farm energy audit that identified areas where significant energy and cost savings could be found.  With financial assistance through USDA Rural Development and the Community Development Finance Authority, MSF opened up their “solar store” on May 20, 2011.  This store is 300 square feet and is attached to their 160 year old barn.  The space is heated by thermal radiant heat.  They water for this system is heated by solar collectors on the roof of the barn.  They are also planning a photovoltaic system as part of their solar store.  MSF has also been working on a project to brand NH beef and ensure that NH can feed more of itself via local, pasture raised beef.

Miles Smith Farm focused on agricultural education as well.  MSF holds a yearly agricultural day at their farm to teach families about local agriculture and where their food is from.  MSF also works with local entities to teach Merrimack County residents about agriculture.  Cole Gardens and St. Paul’s School in Concord have both hosted MSF cows for educational purposes.

MSF has been honored for BOTH their conservation ethic and their commitment to improving NH’s local food availability.  Congratulations to Bruce Dawson and Carole Soule of Miles Smith Farm.   For more information about Miles Smith Farm, please visit their website at

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