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Envirothon Training Materials

Hands-on learning for future conservation leaders!

2010 Program

Forestry Resources

Tree Basics

    Tree Identification Tips

    List of Tree Species

    How Forest Trees Grow

    Measuring Trees

Pest Alert!

    Gypsy Moth           

    Emerald Ash Borer   

    Sirex Woodwasp

    Hemlock Woolly Adelgid   

    Butternut Canker 

    Dutch Elm Disease and the American Elm

    Beech Bark Disease

    Asian Longhorned Beetle - An Introduction

    Asian Longhorned Beetle or Whitespotted Sawyer?

Forests and Water Issues

    Concepts about Forests and Water    

    Water and Trees

    Managing Ground Water Resources

    A Forest's Watershed

    Riparian Forest Buffers: Protecting Water Resources   

    Exploring Connections Between Landscapes and Streams

Growing a Forest

    Crop Tree Management

    Forest Regeneration Handbook

Estimating Stocking Conditions in Your Timber Stand - How to determine how many trees are the same in an area

    Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest

    Wildlands and Woodlands


    Components of a Forest Buffer

    Stages of Stand Development

    Forest and Groundwater PowerPoint

Online books & other materials for a closer in-depth look for advisors/teachers

     Forested Wetlands; Functions Benefits and the Best us of    Management Practices


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