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About the NHACD

Defining a need…
In response to the Dust Bowl of the 1930s, Conservation Districts were formed across the United States. Each works locally and collaboratively on water and soil conservation projects and programs.

Since 1946, the New Hampshire Association of Conservation Districts (NHACD) has provided statewide coordination, representation, and leadership for Conservation Districts to conserve, protect, and promote responsible use of New Hampshire's natural resources.

Formed to assist and support the Districts in carrying out their long-term programs and objectives, the NHACD Board of Directors is comprised of members from all ten counties. It facilitates the necessity and celebrates the success of local leaderships within the Districts and Association to achieve the common goal of sound soil and water conservation.

The New Hampshire Association of Conservation Districts works collaboratively with County Districts, federal, state, and local agencies, nonprofits, and other conservationists as a volunteer, tax-exempt, nonprofit organization.

New Hampshire Association of Conservation Districts Board of Directors

Robert Goodrich, Rockingham County


Burt VonDohrmann, Coos County


David Grobe, Sullivan County

John Hodsdon, Belknap County
National Association of Conservation Districts Director

Fred Goss, Carroll County

Kathy Thatcher, Cheshire County

Vacant, Grafton County

Vacant, Hillsborough County

Robert Larocque, Merrimack County

Kitty Miller, Strafford County

New Hampshire Association of Conservation Districts
Susan Kessler, NH Envirothon

Lisa Morin, Soil Competition